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Every year, billions of PET bottles are produced and disposed after an average life of 2 weeks. The raw material is recycled into PET fibers and used by pinta acoustic to manufacture high-quality and design-conscious products for sound absorption in rooms.

Pinta sources all PET raw materials exclusively from local suppliers in Bavaria. Waste that is generated during the production process can be completely recycled by local waste management companies and reintroduced into several manufacturing process. Likewise, at the end of their life cycle Polar products can be easily disintegrated and 100 % can be recycled. This is where beverage bottles, lining materials for the clothing industry or new pinta acoustic products are created again.

For a sustainable, healthy and durable acoustic solution, which is in accordance with the latest fire protection standards and has excellent sound absorption.

The raw material pinta POLAR consists of 100 % pure, pollutant-free and OEKO-TEX-certified Class 1 PET, suitable for baby skin. The recycled content is approx. 70 %. We place special emphasis on the protection of users and our environment.

The material does not contain mineral fibers or formaldehyde and is produced without chemical additives. In addition, the material is flame retardant B1, and non-allergic for humans.

Ecological: clean

  • made from up to 70 % recycled plastic

  • 100% recyclable

  • free from mineral fibers and formaldehyde

  • toxicologically safe

Health and sanitation standard: clean

  • certified according to OEKOTEX - Standard 100, Class 1

  • kind to the skin

  • allergy friendly

  • low odor

Construction standard: clean

  • fire certified according to EN ISO 13501; B-s1; d0 up to 20 mm or B-s2; d0 up to 40 mm

  • Excellent sound absorption

  • long-term temperature resistant up to 70°C

  • permanently UV-stable

  • Breathable and open to diffusion

  • resistant to pests and mold

You can find more information about pinta acoustic products and solutions here.


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