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FUTURE NOW: pinta systems GmbH

pinta elements Group strengthens its position in the construction industry by relocating its subsidiary pinta abdichtung GmbH to pinta acoustic GmbH.

pinta elements Group announces that its subsidiary pinta abdichtung GmbH will relocate its headquarters to pinta acoustic GmbH in Maisach near Munich on 25.09.2023 in order to increase its competitiveness and offer its customers a broader range of products and services.

This strategic decision responds to the current downturn in the construction industry and will enable the Group to emerge from this phase stronger. By concentrating their resources and expertise, the two companies will be able to combine their strengths and create synergies to better meet the changing needs of the market.

pinta abdichtung GmbH has been developing, producing and selling innovative sealing technology for solid and window construction in Germany since 1955. It has been operating from the Bückeburg site since 2013. pinta acoustic GmbH in Maisach has been developing products for individual acoustic solutions for interior and exterior spaces for over four decades.

By sharing a location, the two companies will benefit from collective expertise and know-how to enhance their existing product lines and enter new markets. Customers can continue to count on outstanding customer service and benefit from an expanded product range tailored to their specific needs.

pinta abdichtung GmbH and pinta acoustic GmbH are committed to providing their customers with customized solutions that meet the highest quality standards. By joining forces, both companies will be able to work more efficiently, develop innovative products and open up new business opportunities.


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